Kookaburra Farm strives to bring you a top-shelf, USDA choice, 100% grass fed, nutrient rich product. Dry aged, blast frozen, and vacuum packed to preserve incredible eating qualities with a subtle grass fed flavor. Our pastures and hay fields are carefully managed using nutrients that promote healthy soil life. We supplement our great forages with organic and natural sources of salt and minerals, we humanely harvest mature animals, and are antibiotic and growth hormone free.

We started 25 years ago in New England, raising grass fed lamb as Woolly Mammoth Farm, and have been raising grass fed beef here at Kookaburra Farm for 17 years.

Pictured: One of our hayfields being renovated with Rigol DT covercrop mix from KingsAgriseeds. A custom diverse blend including sunflowers, radish, oats and many other species that dig deep and wide in the soil to break up compaction, forage for nutrients, feed soil microbes all while being a beautiful feast for the eyes (and pollinators, birds…). Usually reaching full bloom before frost in October of each year.