Contact us at to reserve your family pack. Availability is limited due to high demand. Reserve in advance if you know when you need to restock your freezer.

The Family Pack $7.45/lb

Includes approximately 20 lbs ground beef in 1 lb packs, 20 lbs steaks and roasts, including: sirloin, Delmonicos, NY strips, london broil, chuck roasts, beef cubes, and tenderloin (substitutions may be made depending on availability). $7.25/lb for returning customers!

Ground Beef $4.99/lb

In 1 lb package, when available

Miscellaneous Steaks $4.99-10.99/lb

When available

ALSO AVAILABLE! – Taking orders for 1/2 beef (sides) $3.25/lb hhw

While Family Packs are priced based on packaged weight, sides are charged at $3.25/lb X the dressed weight of the side before dry aging. Buyer pays Smucker’s Meats separately for butcher fees (figure $1.10/lb additional for basic cutting instructions). As an example, for a 400lb side you would pay Kookaburra Farm $1300 for the side once you receive the kill report. Beef is dry aged and you submit your cutting instructions to Smucker’s Meats (which I can help with…). Once your order is cut, packaged and blast frozen Smucker’s will call you and you pick up your order at Smucker’s Meats in Mt.Joy, PA (delivery can be investigated by talking to Smucker’s for an additional fee). Processing would be $440 using our example 400lb side X $1.10 payable to Smucker’s at pick up. Total cost being $1740. This should yield approx 240lbs of finished product plus any bones or organs you may want. The benefit of sides are you can get the beef cut exactly how you want.